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Mental Health & Fitness Coach

Jane Silver  —  




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Jane is a Psychotherapist who specialises in the field of trauma, anxiety, stress and depression. Jane has been in private practice since 2009 working with both children and adults ranging between the ages of 10 and 78!

A member of the National Counselling and Hypnotherapy Societies, and also EFTI formerly AAMET.  Jane is trained in numerous types of therapy and is always adding to her evolving tool-box, keeping up with new innovative techniques from both here and abroad.

Her treatments include

  • Neuro-Psychological Education

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Mindfulness Based Inner-Repatterning

  • Cognitive Psychological First Aid

  • Hypnotherapy


Jane is also a Life and Business Coach

Jane works with clients from all walks of life, helping them to solve every day problems and more complex issues. More recently she has helped those suffering in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack.

Having the ability to bespoke the correct treatment package for each individual or group that she works with, enables full functionality, fast results and positive feedback.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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Using a combination of different therapies from an existing and ever growing tool box, Jane has the ability to personalise therapy by understanding brain patterns and finding the root causes quickly. This has the benefit of fast, lasting results. Specialising in stress, anxiety, disordered eating and trauma. She is a member of National Counselling Society, National Hypnotherapy Society and AAMET.

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Working in the corporate sector for many... including the NHS, Education Authorities and private and global companies..... 


Individual or group counselling or training sessions available.


Working with all - employees, senior management and CEO’s. 


Courses offered:-

  • Stress Management in the Workplace

  • Mindfulness

  • Mental Health Awareness 

  • Cognitive Psychological First Aid 

  • Business Coaching

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Jane works with each individual so they reach their maximum potential. She helps her clients to learn, adapt and use an array of coaching tools on themselves. She has the ability to build rapport quickly achieving fast, successful results! 

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It’s Too Hard to be Perfect

It’s great for us all to strive towards being the best version of ourselves that we can be, but being perfect really doesn’t exist. What is perfect for one, doesn’t constitute being perfect for someone else and it’s utterly exhausting and energy draining, trying to keep up and fit in to a template that doesn’t match our own or is totally unachievable. Beating ourselves up, not feeling good enough, fear of failure or self sabotage of any description only ends up hurting us more.

This book aims to impart some knowledge and wisdom that has taken a long time for me to understand, but I hope by reading it, you’ll be able to connect the dots faster than I did!! helping you to find a way to the inner peace that you deserve, in order that you can actually be comfortable and happy being perfect just the way you are with all your imperfections.

It’s a much nicer place to reside and the inevitable rollercoaster of life’s ups and downs seem more manageable when we can see them from a wide angled lens…….

This diagram beautifully created blew me away. It expresses perfectly the difference of before and after we connect the dots ……

It's Hard to be Perfect.jpeg


I was slightly nervous about seeing Jane but she immediately made me feel at ease. I trust Jane implicitly. She engaged with me in an informal but direct way which has enabled me to see my life path and choices in a clear way for the first time. Due to Jane’s help, I have had lots of lightbulb moments which are already leading me to make positive and confident choices and strategies. Rather than stagnating and being negative about my life, I feel optimistic about the future and empowered to deal with challenges that lie ahead. I am extremely grateful to Jane and would strongly recommend her.

We contacted Jane to regarding therapy for a member of staff who we recognised needed help. He was very closed, and struggling daily – often having ‘sick days’ off work. This was impacting both him personally, and his colleagues at work.


Once the therapy had begun, a real change could be seen after just a short space of time. We could see him and his personality returning, and beginning to open up, being ‘himself’ again. The difference that Jane’s help has made is invaluable – seeing the change from a few months ago to now is amazing. I know that it has positively impacted more than just the person receiving the therapy.


As HR Manager, knowing we can offer effective support in the way of Karmatherapy and sessions with Jane means that we can encourage others to talk more openly. For others, seeing that the therapy works so well definitely gives them confidence, should they need help in the future.


Having a full team back working together after only a few months is all thanks to Jane, and we are very grateful.

Before I met Jane I was in quite a dark place mentally and really couldn't see a way out of this.  I have had traditional counselling before but didn't really get out of it what I wanted.  I felt drained after these sessions and this put me off therapy all together but Jane came highly recommended and I was eager for help.  What I like about Jane is that she doesn't just sit with you and talk about your past and your feelings.  She gives you practical exercise that are incredibly beneficial to use when in a situation of any or crisis.  Not only have I learnt so much about my own mental health and how to control this but I've learnt so much about brain health in general and how to promote positive brain health for myself.  Now I have a box of tools to use should I need this whenever and wherever I go.  Jane has really helped me get my life back together and I can positively say I am me again after just five sessions.

When i was 11 years old I was in the Manchester Arena Attack at an Ariana Grande concert. As a young girl I was traumatised and was also struggiling to come to terms with what had happened. 

Recently, after my 13th birthday, I started to struggle with Panic attacks and anxiety issues in situations that triggered flashbacks and emotions that I experienced that night. 

I began getting therapy from Jane. At first,  I struggled with talking about certain topics and admitting to my feelings of guilt and anger. 

After just a few sessions, though I began to notice a huge change and shift in my behaviour, reactions to songs, loud noises and shock.

I learnt how to use the techniques to control my panic attacks and put my feelings back into perspective all thanks to Jane. 

She was easy to talk to, a bit like talking to a friend. She made me feel comfortable to speak about the attack and helped me to express how I felt.  

I am now in a much happier mind set. So if you are feeling this way or were also in the attack I recommend talking to Jane as she has really helped me to feel so much better.

I’d seen several therapists during an 18-month period before finding Jane and only wish I’d found her at the beginning of my journey to recovery as it would have shortened the process considerably. Jane was able to get to the root cause of my anxiety and start work on it in the very first session, picking up on things that other therapists had either missed altogether or just not recognised the significance of. As a result, after six sessions I have my anxiety under control and am confident that it will soon be gone for good. Don’t let anyone tell you your anxiety can’t be cured, it absolutely can and Jane can help you achieve just that."




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